A cultist owns a Quarry and a Slave Operation in Attika

The Attika Cultist is from the Eyes of Kosmos branch. It is called “The Master” that is hiding in plain from the sight of the Silver Mountain region.

It is located in South Attika. The South Attika, a region between Phaleron Sandy Bay and the Cape of Sounion. He is going to go to the south of the mountain. He wants to be in a small encampment near the Lavrio Silver Mine.

To unmask the Attika Cultist, you need to take a quest from the statue of Athena in the middle of Athens. Also, it requires gathering 3 seals regarding the Attika cultist.

Then the other quest unlocks in the region of Southeast Attika. During this, the cultist of Attika is revealed.

Which fort in Attika possesses a cultist clue?

Which fort in Attika possesses a cultist clue

The Fort Phyle is the clue for cultists in Attika. You will possess two possibilities now to reveal the cultist. Going to the Fort Phyle in Attika and killing the Polemarch that drops the next clue for you.

In Attika, the Pentelikos Marble Quarry was very scared in the mountains of Pentelikos, Greece. It is impossible to kill the cultists in Attika without clues.

The task will get unlocked after participating in the Perikles Symposium. In this, you need to perform further quests until you reach the other tasks from Socrates.

It has a recommended character level of at least 20.  Once you complete the quest, the Master will reveal himself as a cultist in front of you.

Once the cultist is revealed, Brison can be found easily at the Salamis Marble Quarry. It is located on the Isle of Salamis in the west of Attika.

Usually, it can be found in his quarters on the North Quarry. This is all about cultists in Attika.

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