Beautiful People of Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is an excellent unincorporated USA territory by the Caribbean Islands. It is not an incorporated territory. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the USA.

The territory is home to the most exotic and beautiful mountains, waterfalls as well as EI Yunque Tropical Rainforest. Isla Verde is also an interesting city inthe region that has excellent vacation spots.

Puerto Rico was ruled and governed by the people. San Juan is an old neighborhood having many colorful Spanish colonial buildings.

The women of Puerto Rico are also absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. They have a distinct beauty – different from the typical American women.

The Beautiful People of Puerto Rico

The culture of the Puerto Ricans has experienced tremendousevolution. It has mixed with various other nationalities and emerged. Their culture has mixed with the Spanish, African, and other indigenous people.

Some of the native people of Puerto Rican are Raino races and Carib Indian races.

The people of Puerto Rico have the genetics of all these nationalities. So, their appearance is unique in its way.

Big Booty Puerto Rican Goddess

Big Booty Puerto Rican Goddess

As described earlier, the features of the Puerto Rican people are distinct from other people of Puerto Rico. This is a funny statement that alludes to the beauty of Puerto Rican women.

The big booties of Puerto Rican women increase their appearance greatly. This is why people praise a lady saying big booty Puerto Rican Goddess. It is a funny statement that college students use mostly in Puerto Rico.


An American Lady cannot become a Big Booty Puerto Rican Goddess naturally. You should exercise, build muscle and allow yourself to experience tremendous transformation. Only then, you will be awarded such a great title.

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