Can You Start A Sentence With Also

No, you can’t start a sentence with also. If there are 2 sentences then you could start with “also” before the second sentence.

“Also” is always used after an affirmative sentence. It serves to affirm something that has been said before. It can be placed before the verb or at the end of the sentence.

Sentences with “also”

The connector “also” belongs to the group of add-on connectors; It is used to introduce information that clarifies or expands the preceding information.

For example, He asked you to come because he wanted to see you and also because he needed help with homework.

The connectors are words or expressions that would note a relationship between two sentences or statements.

The use of connectors favors the reading and comprehension of texts since they provide coherence and cohesion.

Examples of sentences with “also”

  1. Squid can be bought at the fishmonger and also at the supermarket.
    2. Many people like to see in movies what they would also like to see in reality.
    3. The Greece of the classical period produced great artistic works and also significant scientific advances.
    4. Lizards are reptiles, and also what are the turtles.
    5. The journalist interviewed the director of the factory and also some workers.
    6. Marcelo prepared the peaches in syrup and also used some to make jam.
    7. Leonardo da Vinci painted magnificent works and also dedicated himself to writing about art.
    8. The yield of the land increased with the new cultivation techniques and also with the incorporation of tools for plowing, sowing and harvesting.
    9. There are fungi that can be seen with the naked eye and there are also some that are microscopic, such as yeast.
    10. Not all witnesses have charged the suspect; there were also some who supported his alibi.
    11. Dora studies Mathematics and also Physics.
    12. Since we had varnish left over after we applied them to the doors, we also used it for the window frames.
    13. The Renaissance people admired the ancient Greeks and Romans for their wisdom, and also for their art.
    14. Napoleon Bonaparte achieved territorial conquests and also obtained contributions in money that helped the French economy in crisis.
    15. Adult frogs jump on land and can also swim in ponds.

Other Example

  1. The authorities authorized the importation of textile products and also some medical supplies.
    2. Juan wears glasses to read and also to see far away.
    3. Music inspires the musician and also the listener.
    4. As Prime Minister of King José I of Portugal, the Marquis of Pombal carried out a fiscal reform in the colonies and also established rules to consolidate royal power.
    5. There are aquatic mollusks, such as the mussel, and there are also terrestrial ones, such as the slug.
    6. The increase in electricity rates will also impact product prices.
    7. There is a milk container in use and there is also another unopened.
    8. In recent times, artists have also used photography and digital editors to create effects that had previously been reserved for painters.
    9. The Mayans obtained corn, beans and pumpkins through agricultural techniques, and they also collected fruits, such as avocado and guava.
    10. Any object that moves can slow down and can also change its direction.

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