Can You Walk With A Torn ACL

When you are in intense sports or just injured your knee at the gym, that’s bad already.

And if you hear a popping sound, that can indicate a tear in the ACL.

To confirm you got a torn ACL you will notice sudden swelling on the knee area with a rapid increase of pain.

If you fall in this situation, can you walk with a torn ACL? If you are trying to get an answer, then it is “Yes.”

Reasons for Tearing ACL

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is a band of tissues that hold the knee bones in a point.

More specifically it prevents the femur to slide past the tibia. Also when you twist, turn, jump or pivot this ligament holds the position of the bone.

There are many reasons like instance sports such as: Running, Skiing, Football, and many others that can cause tears in the ACL. Also biologically women face this problem more than men.

Will You be able to walk with a Torn ACL

Will You be able to walk with a Torn ACL

Depending on the degree of your injury your physician may suggest you walk. Yet you won’t be able to jump and walk on up-hills or rocks.

You will have to walk on level ground. Yet you have to avoid twisting and bending the knee too much.

The Necessity of Surgery on Torn ACL

If you are an athlete you will have to go for surgery if you want to get back to the game quickly.

A regular person can avoid surgery if there is a mild tear and it will take 9-12 months to repair completely.

And if you go for surgery and follow the rehabilitation rules strictly it will take 6 to 9 months for an athlete to be game ready.

Things to do in ACL Tearing Accident

If you feel like you tore the anterior cruciate ligament the first thing to do is relax your knee.

Then try to relieve the swelling and pain as soon as possible. For the first aid, you can put ice over the injury to prevent swell.

Also, lying down and taking up the knee above heart level prevent blood clots on the injured area. For relieving pain take a pain killer like ibuprofen.

The physician may take more serious steps. MRI or X-ray of the knee can ensure if there is any tore in the ACL and how grievous is that.

Things to Avoid

You may be able to walk even after tearing the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament. But that doesn’t allow you to be careless.

You won’t be able to tell if something serious happened till you wait for a day. So, here are something to be cautious

  • Avoid sports that where you need to run or actively pressurize your knees. Example: Football, Skiing, gymnast.
  • Avoid Playing on turf or strong ground.
  • Don’t run into any kind of sports with low physical strength.
  • Using exercise equipment improper way.


You got the answer for “Can you walk with a torn ACL.” Yet if you injured yourself severely it’s not a smart idea to walk.

No, matter how important it is don’t rush with a torn ACL.

It could lead to more serious damage to your knee composites. And there is a high chance of permanent damage.

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