Help Me! How to Get Someone to Stop Texting You


All of us have a phone, which makes life easier and difficult at times. We have to learn new behaviors while using mobile phones.

Not only has it compelled us to learn new behavior and social ethics but also made us learn new tricks. We receive messages on our mobile phones from our loved ones, family as well as secret admirers.

It would be extremely annoying if a person keeps annoying with relentless praises or unnecessary encouragement.

If the annoying texts are not a one-time thing, you can get him/her to stop texting you. If it crosses levels of your patience, you should follow one of the following ways to stop someone to text you:

a. Block the Person.

First of all, you should consider the blocking option for mobile phones. If you are receiving undesirable messages from an annoying person, start blocking the person. If they are smart enough to detect the change, they will stop reaching out to you.

b. Do Not Reply.

Another smart way to ignore a person is to not reply. This is a golden weapon that you can use against a known person. You cannot block them because they are your family or friends. So, do not respond to them.

c. Confrontation is the Solution.

This is another best strategy to follow if somebody keeps sending you annoying messages.

You should be cautious about the words that you use. You must confront people who disturb you greatly. Otherwise, you should never confront a person directly.

d. Changing the Number or Social Media Profile

There are many platforms that a person can use to reach you. If it gets out of control, you should change the number of social media profiles.

It is better to take an action instead of getting disturbed all the time.

This is how you can get someone to stop texting you.

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