How Do You Say Fuck You In Spanish


Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It has a unique history, pronunciation, and legacy. Spanish and English are the international languages.

These languages are understood and spoken widely around the world. If you are learning the Spanish language, you should notice that its grammar and vocabulary are unique.

The Spanishlanguage is not similar to another language. So, you need to give special attention to the Spanish words. However, some words mix with the English words.

Learning the Funny Terms in the Spanish Language

If you are trying to learn the Spanish language, learn a few funny terms first. In this way, you will be able to communicate with your fellows in a colloquial way.

If you have Spanish friends, they may use words for you that you cannot understand.

The most common words, which we speak in English with our dear friends, are fuck you, etc.

But how do you say Fuck You in Spanish? This is an innocent question whose answer everyone with Spanish friends should know.

How Do You Say Fuck You In The Spanish Language?

There are many sentences that Spanish speaking for denoting “fuck you”. The most common sentence is the “vete a la meirda”.

It means “Fuck you, man.” Another sentence is the que te Jodan. The Spanish words for the fuck are Polvo, follar, cogo, joder, and meirda.

You can add you in Spanish for denoting the meaning “fuck you” in the Spanish language.

Tu, usted, usteds, te, and le are the Spanish words that denote the meaning “you”. So, mix up the words and say “fuck you” in the Spanish language like a native.


Vete a la meirda is the common word that denotes the meaning “fuck you” in the Spanish language.

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