How Far I’ll Go Piano Notes


How Far I’ll Go is the most famous song in the Moana movie. Moana movie became a global hit due to its amazing storyline, creative animation, and great actors. The song became an instant hit when it was released. The lyrics of the song make it the biggest hit of that year.

The music, the vocals, and the animated video create magic for the viewers. The song has great inspirational meaning, which helps people in understanding the necessities and dreams of life. All of us love the character of Moana and her dream of voyages.

Kids Love Moana – How Far I’ll Go Piano Notes

If your kid is learning the piano, you should teach them the How Far I’ll go Piano Notes.

  • .A D-.A    A     D     D    D     E-.B
  • I’ve been staring at the edge of the water
  • E D  E   D     E-F#-F#
  • For long as I can remember,
  • F#-F# F#-E     D-.B      .B
  • Never really knowing why…
  • D .A   D   .A     D   .A       D-.B        E-.B
  • I wish I could be the perfect daughter
  • E D    E         E       D    E    F#-F#
  • But I come back to the water,
  • .A E-F#      F#   F#  D  D
  • No matter how hard I try…
  • .B-.A.BD D
  • Every turn I take,
  • .B-.A.BD D
  • Every trail I track
  • .B-.A.B E    E
  • Every path I make,

These lyrics are some of the most common lyrics of How Far I’ll Go. You should remember the keys by heart so as to play the piano perfectly. It is important to remember every key so that you do not miss any chords.

All of the above lyrics are the first few stanzas of the song. So, remember the song first and then memorize the piano notes of How Far I’ll Go.

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