How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Smoke

The toothache is the worst pain that keeps on disturbing the person in the most annoying manner. If you are a regular smoker, tobacco and cigarettes may be the reason for your toothache.

Even if you smoke once or twice a day, it might be difficult for you to undergo any tooth surgery.

But you have to undergo tooth surgery one day for removing the toothache once and for all.

The main question begins how long after tooth extraction can I smoke? We have given the answer to the question in the following paragraph:

Why Can You Not Smoke After the Tooth Surgery?

Why Can You Not Smoke After the Tooth Surgery

If you have developed a dry socket after extraction of the tooth, a tooth extraction surgery is unavoidable.

It is important not to smoke cigarettes after tooth surgery. The tobacco or cigarette contents contain chemical toxins, which delay the healing process of your mouth tissues and gums.

If you give exposure to your vulnerable wounds to the dry socket, infection, and inflammation, it will cause you to experience serious complications.

The fast smoking of cigarettes can cause you to dislodge your blood clot in the teeth. It also applies to all kinds of smoking.

Chemicals may cause you to experience tremendous pain.So, you must not smoke right after the tooth extraction surgery.

How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Smoke?

You should at least wait for 48 hours before smoking tobacco. When you resume the smoking packet of the tobacco, you should inhale the cigarettes gently.

Also, you may ask the doctors of the clinic about use of the tobacco. Depending on their experience and expertise, they will give you a proper answer.

You should strictly follow the advice of the doctor who treats you.


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