How Long Do Oil Changes Take

Oil is essential for every vehicle. If you want to keep your car running, you need to change your car oil regularly.

But a very common question among drivers all over the world is How long do oil changes take?

  Everyone has the same question because no one wants to waste time in a busy life.

So everyone needs to know the answer to this question. If you read this article, you will find the answer and learn about the importance of your car’s oil change.

How much time is required for an oil change?

 How much time is required for an oil change

It takes about 20-30 minutes to change the oil in the car. But this time is not specified. It depends on the person who is working.

The oil change timing also depends on whether you are changing the oil or where you are doing it.

The work of those who professionally change the oil is usually quick.

Because they do this every day, so they work efficiently and quickly.

However, if you have your car, you can do it yourself, but it may take you a little longer if you are not proficient in this work.

If you take your vehicle to a professional shop to change the oil, wait for 20-40 minutes.

However, it will not take more than 15 minutes to change the oil once the work starts as soon as it is taken to the shop.

The duration of oil change may take up to 30-1 hours, depending on your vehicle’s equipment, type, and garage setup.

Many vehicles have connectors and filters on the vehicle’s bottom that are readily available. That is another reason, but not all vehicles. It could be more complex and time-consuming if your car’s connector is less convenient.

Oil Change Service Process

  • First, put your car on a jack.
  •  Find out where the drain plug is. Then open the plug.
  • Take out all the old oil.
  • Remove the oil filter.
  • Put fresh oil into it.
  • Take the vehicle to the ground with safety.

The Importance Of Oil Changes

Even though your car is in good condition and has everything, you need to keep it running smoothly.

It will not damage your car in a short time and will not cost you unnecessarily.

Changing the oil in your car will keep your car’s engine cool and in good condition.

If you do not change the oil regularly, the engine’s moving parts may be damaged by friction with each other.

Fortunately, replacing the oil in your car’s motor is easy and cheap for you, and it does not require instruction from auto engineers or car mechanics.

As a guideline, depending on the proportion you drive and the kind of vehicle you own, you can change your car oil three to four times annually.


How long do oil changes take? It takes an average of 30 minutes. But The time to change the oil depends on your work speed and what type of car oil you are changing.

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