How Long Does An Oil Change Take

Any vehicle is likely to require a periodical oil change. But how long does an oil change take?

This is an essential maintenance aspect that every driver should be aware of.

This information is crucial as it helps you to know the time you need to wait and the expenses involved.

Therefore by getting to know the duration of the oil change procedure, you can determine where to get it done.

Should you do it by yourself or hire a professional mechanic for the same.

How long does an oil change take?

How much time will it take to change the oil will depend on your vehicle structure and which location it is being done.

If you have some basic knowledge, then it is likely to take very little time than visiting a professional.

But for this, you are required to have essential mechanical skills to do the job correctly.

While changing engine oil, repair shops also might vary in duration. For example, General repair shops complete the task in about 45 minutes.

On the other hand, quick lube shops can complete the job in just 15 minutes. Hence, they are a better option.

What to consider – DIY or professional repair shop?

The majority of the DIY oil changes tend to take around 30 minutes to about an hour time. But when visiting a repair shop, you are likely to spend more time waiting for your turn to come.

However, automotive experts recommend visiting repair shops if you are planning to change your vehicle oil for the first time.

DIY is not a good option here, since it should be done the correct way.

Another crucial aspect to consider is your vehicle’s structure.

The reason cited is oil change requires trying to access both oil filter and drain plug.

Without proper access to such items, the mechanic is likely to take more time to change the oil.

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