How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry

It could be that you are planning to spray paint your home on your own without professional assistance.

You may try to evaluate the spray paint job condition only to find that the paint has got blemished or smudged.

It only destroys your project and sticks to your hands. You might be interested to know how long does spray paint take to dry.

Stages involved in drying the paint

How long does spray paint take to dry? The four stages are as follows:

  • Surface dry: The color solvent starts to evaporate during this stage. The paint creates a fragile layer on the surface. While checking out, it is likely to stick to the surface or come off quickly.
  • Touch dry: The paint surface during this stage becomes much harder, such that it might not get attached to your fingers even on touching it. But once the surface film is given some pressure, it comes off.
  • Hard dry: The latter starts to dry. Once dried, even after putting some pressure, it will not come off. However, applying excessive pressure may leave behind your fingerprints on it.
  • Thorough dry: The surface dries completely allowing you to proceed with the following steps.

Factors affecting paint drying time

  • Paint layer thickness: Drying time is significantly affected by spray paint thickness. A thicker coat will take more time to dry than a thinner coat.
  • Surface character: The surface selected for paint application is likely to affect drying time. Metals might dry faster or slower, based on the environment. Concrete or brick surfaces will dry more quickly.
  • Paint type chosen: Drying time varies with the paint type used.
  • Environmental conditions: Environment is likely to impact significantly spray paint drying time. Less hot and humid areas will help in faster drying.

Going through the above will help you to know how long does spray paint take to dry.

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