How long to beat final fantasy 15

You may have recently come across the game Final Fantasy 15 and want to know more about it. This game is the creation of Square Enix and is part of the final series.

This role-playing action game got released in 2016. You can play it in both Xbox One for MS Windows and PlayStation. It features open-world background and action-based battle system.

How long to beat final fantasy 15? When duration is concerned about beating final fantasy 15, it depends mainly on your playing style. Experts can beat the game within 48 hours.

Know how long to beat final fantasy 15

To complete the game’s main objective, you are to ensure gameplay of about 40 hours. Some reports require you to engage for 20 hours to complete the main story and for sidequests involving 35 hours. Hence, the total gameplay time taken is around 55 hours.

But the fact is that every person plays differently. Some players might not have to encounter all the 15 missions in this game. Fans of this game should not be surprised with gameplay extending over 40 hours.

The game’s director Hajime Tabata, in June 2016 at Square Enix event had confirmed gameplay time. He confirmed that gameplay is likely to be around 40 and 50 hours.

Reasons for this game to be too long

Final Fantasy 15 gameplay time is said to be affected mainly by the player engaging with it. if you indulge in the game without getting interested in the ongoing conversation, then you can experience reduced gameplay time.

Focusing on the game allows you to enjoy having more gameplay time and excitement.

This game has been designed exclusively to take a long time for fans to complete the different levels and the final mission. This way, they can derive more game time and enjoy playing it.

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