How Many Sides Does A Square Have

In geometry, a square is known as a regular quadrilateral. It means that the square has four equal sides as well as four equal angles.

Some experts have also defined the square as the rectangle as the two adjacent slides, having an equal length.

So, experts denote the square using the vertices ABCD and /square ABCD.

Explanation of the Square

A square is known to be a two-dimensional plane figure. It has four angles and four equal sides.

It has four angles, which are equivalent to 90 degrees. A square is at the right-angle or is equal to the90 degrees.

The area of the square is (side)2. The perimeter of the square is 4 x sides. It has 04 numbers of edges, 04 numbers of vertices, and 90 internal angles.

The type of square is a regular polygon. The sum of all internal sides is 360 degrees. All of the sides of the square are closed.

A square can also be a rectangle if it has four equal sides and a rhombus with the right angles. So, we also call a square a rectangle if it has a rhombus.

A square is different from a rhombus. Rhombus has only opposite sides equal whereas all four sides of the square are equal.

However, the quadrilateral is the main shape of the square as well as the rhombus.

How to Calculate the Sides of the Square?

There is an easier method of calculation of sides of the square. You can calculate the sides of a square by measuring the square’s length by width.

The formula of the calculation of the square is length x width – area. Use this formula for calculations of the square.


A square has four equal sides in a two-dimensional plane. The entire sum of the sides of the square is 360 degrees.

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