How much do school bus drivers make

School bus drivers do play an important role to transport children to & fro from the school. They also handle efficiently student behavioral issues generally noticed on the bus.

Their duties require them to be focused even in stressful conditions. They are to have keen interests in driving and working with children. This career does offer you a flexible schedule and part-time income.

But how much do school bus drivers make? This is an important question, the answer of which you should be aware of, before applying for the job.

How much do school bus drivers make?

This depends on several factors. It includes number of trips made, overall experience and if they are employed for an independent company or the school district. Working for the year-round institution or during summer can help enhance earning potential.

Job description

You are to pay attention to students’ behaviors, handle promptly behavioral problems and operate the bus safely. They are also to report students’ distracting behaviors in the bus, which might cause safety risks.

There are also other duties to be performed. It includes cleaning bus between runs, performing basic maintenance tasks, maintain driving logs and schedules as well as attend radio calls.

Salary and Years of Experience

As per Labor Statistics Bureau findings in May 2017, the annual media salary of a school driver is around $31,060. This is about $14.93 earned an hour.

However, actual earnings are based on experience, location, work hours put in and employer. 10% of drivers earning low pay are said to get $18,790 or even less a year, which is around $9.04 an hour. On the other hand, the 10% top-paid drivers earn $47,860+ annually, about $23.01 an hour.

Hence, doing some research on the web will allow you to know how much do school bus drivers make.

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