How Much Does A Gallon Of Diesel Weigh

Fuel is an essential item without which the world will come to a complete standstill.

Diesel fuel is crucial to reach your intended destination while hauling loads. But how much does a gallon of diesel weigh?

Does diesel weigh much more based on external temperature? How diesel fuel’s weight impacts the truck weight, especially when hitting the scale?

These are a few questions that you are likely to have in your mind.

How much does a gallon of diesel weigh?

A gallon of diesel weight is approximately 7 pounds. In the U.S., diesel weighs lesser than 7 pounds a gallon while in Canada it is 7+ pounds a gallon.

What does a full tank of diesel weigh?

Semi-truck fuel tanks hold fuel of about 125-300 gallons on average and are available in varying sizes.

The tank is designed on the tractor’s each side, with fuel being distributed in-between the two tanks.

This helps balance the total weight of the truck. Hence, diesel fuel tends to weigh approximately 7 pounds a gallon.

This means a tank filled to the brim with fuel will weigh around 875-2,100 pounds.

Does the diesel fuel’s weight change during warm, cold seasons?

Yes, but of very little amount. For example, let’s consider a gallon of diesel to be 7.1 pounds.

If the temperature is 106 degrees Fahrenheit, then this diesel amount is likely to weigh about 6.8 pounds.

At 69 degrees Fahrenheit, it is likely to weigh about 6.9 pounds a gallon.

Hence the differences noticed are quite minimal. Diesel fuel’s temperature weight difference is not likely to be more than 10 to 50 pounds. This again is based on the fuel tank’s size.

Getting to know how much a gallon of diesel weigh will allows you to make the right decisions to save money.

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