How often to change cabin air filter

If you own a vehicle, it is important to maintain it periodically to ensure it offers optimum service. Regular maintenance also ensures minimum breakdown.

One essential component present in your car’s ventilation system is cabin air filter. Its function is to eliminate different types of air-based pollution entering via the ventilation system.

The air filter ensures proper ventilation system to enhance safety and better health of all passengers. How often to change cabin air filter? You are likely to be intrigued with this question.

Function of the cabin air filter

In case, if the cabin air filter fails to function properly, then air within the cabin is likely to reach higher levels of odorous and harmful exhaust gases.

The filters are designed to stop such harmful gases from reaching the cabin. They also keep at bay allergens and pollen from entering the car.

It also reduces costs involved in vehicle maintenance. Contaminated, dirty air is likely to restrict airflow, thereby compelling the ventilation system to function harder. This, in turn, will put more pressure on the air conditioner, thereby reducing its efficiency.

How often to change cabin air filter?

According to experts, it is important to change cabin air filters after travelling every thirty thousand miles. It will be wise to go through the owner’s manual to know the recommended maintenance procedures.

If you happen to notice air arising from the interior vents to blow with significant less force, then new filter will be essential. Replacement should also be considered if air emerging has unpleasant musty odor.

Replacing the air filter regularly will allow you to enjoy using your vehicle and derive greater comfort. Moreover, your vehicle’s ventilation system will also operate efficiently.

You can witness improved air quality by replacing the worn out filter with a new one.

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