How To Cook In Stardew Valley

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Cooking in Stardew Valley allows players to use their crops and animal products in a variety of helpful recipes.

There are many crafting recipes accessible in Stardew Valley to improve farm life.

While many of these recipes are for buildings, machines, and pathways, there are numerous cooking recipes as well.

How to cook in stardew valley?

Since you have to keep track of your health and energy meter in Stardew Valley, cooked food can be game-changing.

Unlike many other raw foods, many of the recipes cooked provide almost enough health and energy to completely refill the gauge.

Before you can make these helpful foods, however, you need three things. These are ingredients, recipes, and a place to cook.

The first thing you need to cook in Stardew Valley is somewhere to do it. There are two different locations and the majority of players have access to their farmhouse.

In order to be able to cook at home, you first have to expand the farmhouse.


To upgrade the Stardew Valley farmhouse, speak to Robin while her shop is open.

The first upgrade costs the player 10,000g and 450 pieces of wood. As soon as it is completed, you have access to your own kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there is a stove and a refrigerator. The refrigerator acts as a box that can be used to store food and that has a special function while cooking.

This includes fruits, vegetables, animal products and caught fish. If you use the stove, you get a special crafting menu with all the recipes you have learned so far.


When you have the ingredients for the recipe in the fridge, you can prepare the dish. Another place to cook is practically anywhere as long as you use a cooking set.

It can be made from 15x wood, 10x fiber and 3x coal after reaching level nine of foraging.

When placed, it acts as a replacement for the stove without access to the refrigerator and disappears at the end of the day.

In the beginning, a recipe for a fried egg is automatically available, for which only one chicken egg is required.

More recipes can be bought in stores, learned from the Queen of Sauces on TV, and received from friends in Pelican Town.

Many of these recipes also have additional effects when eaten that help with farm work, attack, luck, and many other actions.

Oil presses can be made in Stardew Valley to produce and monetize various oils as handicrafts or to use in cooking recipes.

Pretty much anything you can do in Stardew Valley.

You can become a forester or gatherer by profession, learn to sew, farm and cook. But to become a great cook, you need cooking oil to make delicious dishes.

How to craft an oil press in Stardew Valley

How to craft an oil press in Stardew Valley

To make oil and learn to cook in Stardew Valley, you first need two things: an oil press and ingredients.

Oil presses are devices, just like cheese presses, barrels looms, etc. They are used to make handicraft oil.

Making an oil press requires having a level 8 farm job in order to learn the recipe.

Then you need 50 slimes, 20 hardwood and a gold bar. Oil presses can then be used with the ingredients to produce oil like any other device.

Making Oils in Stardew Valley

The oil press can produce two different types of oil. There is a simple oil, an all-purpose cooking oil, and truffle oil, a gourmet cooking ingredient.

Oil – The cooking oil can be made from a variety of ingredients. If made with corn, it takes about 17 hours. With sunflower seeds, it takes about 53 hours, so a little over 2 days of time in the game.

The fastest processing time is making oil from the sunflower itself, which only takes an hour. Simple edible oils can be sold for 100g.

Truffle Oil – Truffle oil is made with truffles and takes 1 truffle and 6 hours to make in an oil press and can be sold for 1,065g.

The easiest way to get sunflowers is to grow them; they take about 8 days to grow and have a chance to drop more sunflower seeds when they are harvested.

What else can you do with oil?

While oil is not required for any quests in Stardew Valley, oil can be used to make a shirt. When used in the bobbin of a sewing machine, the oil creates an oil-stained shirt.

Truffle Oil is required for the Mayor’s Needs quest, which you can get from Mayor Lewis.

Together with 1 hardwood and 5 pine tar you can also craft a rain totem with truffle oil.


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