How to drink colonoscopy prep without throwing up

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How to drink colonoscopy prep without throwing up?

In order to obtain the clearest and most representative images. It is essential that the patient follows a good preparation for the colonoscopy. This also translates into advantages for the patient himself. Since the hassles and the duration of the examination are reduced.

In this regard, the digestive endoscopy center provides the patient with a series of instructions aimed at an optimal cleansing of their intestine.

Through a particular diet and the aid of laxatives to be taken until the emission of watery and clear stools. Those fecal residues that would cover the intestinal mucosa will be removed. Limiting the accuracy of the diagnostic investigation.

Remember to Inform Your Doctor if …

Upon delivery of the leaflet containing the instructions. It is advisable to inform the doctor of any medicines taken, stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding and the presence of any diseases or disorders ( constipation, heart, kidney, metabolic, intestinal, allergic diseases…). In some cases, in fact, certain laxative preparations could be contraindicated.

How to prepare

Indications for good colonoscopy preparation vary slightly from center to center.

For further information: Colonoscopy Diet…

In general, starting from 3/4 days before the exam, the person is invited to follow a diet free of waste and dairy products, increasing the water intake.

Therefore, vegetable foods, pasta, cheeses, milk, yogurt and whole grains cannot be consumed, but only eggs, meats, fish, broth, juices, fruit juices, purees, baby food and small quantities of white bread.

The diet will become totally liquid on the day before the colonoscopy, where only nut broths, water, tea, chamomile, herbal teas, sugar or honey will be allowed, pulp-free fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee and any kind of solid food.

Some centers recommend that you suspend the intake of fruit and vegetables with the seeds ( grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.) already in the 10 days preceding the appointment.


As anticipated, an essential element of colonoscopy is the use of laxatives, often in liquid form ( SELG-ESSE 1000, ISOCOLAN, MOVIPREP or equivalent, which can be purchased in pharmacies with the doctor’s prescription. And used according to the instructions in the package leaflet ).

In many cases, the patient will have to sip up to 3/4 liters of non-carbonated aqueous solution within 5 to 6 hours, which could cause nausea.

This symptom, which is completely normal, can however be attenuated through the use of specific drugs, such as plasil tablets or syrup. It is in fact important to try to take all the preparation, perhaps in small sips to limit nausea.

Others Important Notes

In case of repeated vomiting and severe abdominal pain. It is advisable to consult your doctor or digestive endoscopy specialist.

Generally, the first evacuation appears within an hour and a half – two hours from the beginning of the intake, which can be interrupted after the first 3 liters in case of emission of a clear material.

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