How to fix a broken toilet flange in concrete


Is your toilet flange broken? Don’t know what to do to fix it? Repairing toilet flanges on concrete floors is not that difficult. To repair a broken flange, you need to have a little preparation and know some basic things.

If you know such things you can fix them yourself and this article give details about repairing a broken flange. This will save you a lot of money, and you will be satisfied knowing that you are doing your work, so let’s find out from this article how to repair a toilet flange on a concrete floor?

Steps to Follow For fixing Broken Toilet Flanges

Anyone with a bit of knowledge and preparation to repair can lovingly replace a toilet flange on a concrete floor. Follow the rules below to do your work correctly.

First step

First, you have to turn off the water supply. Notice that there is a shut-off bulb under the toilet tank. Turn off the water supply to this bulb.

You should then flush the toilet, drain all the water from the water tank, then take a paper cup and arrange to drain if there is any residual water.

Second step

The next step is to remove the toilet floor bolts. Make sure you do this evenly from side to side. Never remove the right bolts and then the left bolts.

Doing so increases the risk of breaking the toilet. It would be best if you also lay down towels to pad the bowl on the floor. Now is also the time to remove the old supply line and discard it.

Third step

Slide down the toilet and lift it by bending your legs. Please make an effort not to tip it over. Place the toilet softly on top of the old towels.

Fourth step

At this stage, you have to wear rubber gloves. Then you have to remove the wax ring and old wax from the old toilet bolt. In this case, you have to use a scraper.

Using a hacksaw, carefully remove the damaged section from the flange to be fixed. Slip the fixed flange spanner under the split toilet flange, but first, thread one of the toilet bolts into the spanner’s slot to make reinstalling the toilet easier.

Fifth step

 You have to clean the lower part of the toilet. Then a new wax ring should be put on the repaired flange.

Now lift the toilet and arrange the toilet bolts on the floor by the side of the bowl. Then gently place the toilet on the repaired flange. Before you secure the toilet flange to the concrete surface, press it to the surface.

Sixth step

The bolts must be tightened in the opposite order on both the right and left sides. Don’t tighten one hand before moving on to the other. This raises the likelihood of the toilet bowl cracking.

Switch on the water and check for leakage at the bottom of the toilet bowl and the valve after installing the new supply line to the toilet tank. If there are no leaks, finish the job by caulking the space around the toilet’s bottom.


How to fix a broken toilet flange concrete? These instructions will explain the process of installing a toilet flange on concrete. But if you want you can consult with a plumber.

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