How to get bf in 5th grade

If you’re in the fifth grade, then you’re at the age where some boys are just starting to show some interest in girls, and it can be hard to know how to catch a boy’s eye.

You might be in between the teasing and flirting stage and may not know exactly how to hold a boy’s interest. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with who you are and don’t change yourself for the sake of a boy.

Beyond that, all you’ve got to do is smile big, be friendly, and show the boy that you’re more than just a pretty face. So, the question arises how to get bf in 5th grade?

There are some steps which will help you:

Catching his eye:

1.Let him see you having a great time. Let him know you’re a fun-loving girl.

  1. Have confident body language. This means avoid biting your nails, playing with the bottom of your shirt and hair.
  2. Don’t be afraid to smile at him. The goal is to look friendly and then look away.
  3. Stand out to him. You should let him see what makes you different.
  4. Don’t use your friends to talk to him.
  5. Wow him with your confidence.

Holding his interest:

  1. Ask him some questions about his likes and dislikes.
  2. Make him feel special.
  3. Find common ground, like, afavorite sports team, a favorite TV show or movie, hobbies,band.
  4. Be a good listener.
  5. Don’t gossip or put other people down.
  6. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with.

How to get bf in 5th grade? 

If you both are in the same group, pay more attention to him, but don’t stick by his side all the time.

Don’t give him the same compliments you might give someone else. Let him see that he does stand out to you.

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