How to get rid of mice in attic

It could be that you have mice running around freely in your attic area. This can be real trouble for all your family members and ration.

Hence, you need to know how to get rid of mice in attic the safe way. Hantavirus is a common virus that is associated with mice infesting the attics area. The dust there will be contaminated with mice urine or feces.

It can be a potentially dangerous virus if inhaled by humans entering the attic.

Guide to eliminating mice from the attic area

  • Trims Shrubs & Trees: Mice can climb just about anything and also are incredible climbers. Being amazing athletes, they can jump around a foot easily in height. So, shrubs and trees near the house should be trimmed.
  • Seal the exterior: There may be cracks and holes in the exterior which can be a wonderful gateway for the mouse to enter into the home. Hence, seal all potential wall penetrations like vents, pipes, cables, etc. It should also include power line, gas line, vent covers, power meter, horse bibs, network cables, etc.
  • Appropriate trap for the attic: Poison or traps with baits are primary ways to trap mice in the attic region. You can use snap traps, live traps, glueboards, bait blocks, electronic multi-kill trap, CO2 powered multi-kill trap, etc.
  • Check traps regularly: Doing so will allow you to kill maximum number of mice. Otherwise decaying mice is likely to result in bad stink throughout your home. Moreover, resetting the traps will allow you to kill more mice.

Where else to set the traps to kill mice?

Besides the attic area, you should also place traps within your home’s interior, since they may travel back and forth. But if there are pets or children around, then place traps only at inaccessible locations.

Following the above will allow you to know how to get rid of mice in attic.

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