How to have sex with a dog

Are you wondering how to have sex with a dog? Here is the quick guide.

It is very easy and quite simple to have sex with a dog. However, you can have sex with a dog when she is heated. So, you need to wait for the right time to have maximum pleasure.

However, the first heating stage is quite difficult and your initial attempts might fail.

But, the thing will start getting better with its second heating stage. It is advisable to wear a condom as a protection against any transmitted disease. Thus, it is advisable to consult with a sexologist before you start having sex with a dog.

We are not in favor of encouraging you to have sex with your dog. You are of legal age, if you are not, run out of here, you decide your sexual tastes and how to perform them.

This information is the personal bet of the protagonist. Now, we are going to give you what you have come for.

  1. Women throughout history have practiced it
  2. The tongues of dogs can reach places that are hard to reach
  3. It is impossible to get pregnant
  4. You can’t get STDs
  5. It has existed since the beginning of time
  6. It is legal in some countries and states
  7. Some people think it is a ‘perversion
  8. It is convenient
  9. They do not complain or annoy – they are silent companions
  10. They are easy to train.

The creature has been made to fall from a donkey. But you already know that sex is something personal and everyone enjoys her sexuality as they please.

By the way, make a threesome, you will have to invite another animal, right? It’s just a joke.

Hope you have learned how to have sex with a dog.And how we always wish, be happy and have a good time, very well.

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