How to install sharkbite fittings on copper

There are times, when you need to repair or install water lines that get damaged in your home. Generally, you are to use solder, crimpers or adhesives for the purpose.

Solders involve using open flame for heating pipes and are done in small places. Crimpers are hard to use especially in small places and also expensive.

Adhesives smell terrible and are messy. Without having proper tools, patience or expertise, the job can become tougher. However, you can use SharkBite fittings. But how to install sharkbite fittings on copper!

Steps to follow

  • Cut pipe using pipe cutter. One end should be square and flush, without deformations or cracks. Remove burrs from pipe ends using deburring tool.
  • Check SharkBite fitting to identify obstructions or damage. This along with pipe should be undamaged and clean. Replace SharkBite fittings showing obstructions or damage signs.
  • From SharkBite fittings, remove PEX support collar if using copper water lines. Use release tool to depress SharkBite release ring. Pull out collar from fitting using needle-nose pliers.
  • Take 1” pipe from cut end. Mark it with scribe or pencil and ensure it is visible allowing you to install correctly the SharkBite fitting.
  • Hold SharkBite fitting. Now, push pipe within fitting using twisting motion and until you get to hear that ‘click’ sound. Identify scribe/pencil mark made on pipe. Mark should be nearly flush or flush with release ring edge on SharkBite fitting.
  • Use SharkBite fittings to connect other waterlines. Turn on water supply. Identify leaks in fittings and lines. Remove leaking fitting.
  • To release ring on leaking fitting, slide SharkBite release tool over the pipe. To depress release ring, push tool towards SharkBite fitting. Using twisting motion, pull out pipe from the fitting. Inspect thoroughly and clean fitting and pipe end. Install it properly.
  • Turn on water supply. Identify leaks. Replace and remove SharkBite fitting, in case it leaks.

Therefore, knowing how to install sharkbite fittings on copper will allow you to enjoy a leak-free waterline in your home.

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