How to Last Longer In Bed Reddit

Lasting longer in bed is the best passion that anybody can have. Some of us fail at lasting long in bed. It does not only affect the self-confidence of the men but ruins relationships.

It tends to cause lots of disturbance as men cannot satisfy the needs of women. If you are undergoing the same problem, do not think that you are alone.

There are many other men who face this kind of problem once in a lifetime. So, how can you last longer in bed Reddit?

This question has been asked multiple times on Reddit. Multiple people had answered the question smartly.

But most of them had concurred on the point that women do not like it more. If you can last 10 to 15 minutes, it is the most. 10 minutes is the longest most people can do.

If you last for 7 to 8 minutes, that is impressive timing.

However, if you last less than 05 minutes, this is not satisfactory for the women. You need to work on your stamina for lasting long in the bed.

Most people also suggest the men masturbate hard for an hour so that they last long. Some people suggest wearing condoms to not getting sensitive.

Also, you should allow your woman to enjoy the oral first. Then, you can start doing. Otherwise, you will cum earlier. So, let her enjoy the oral sex first.


Another great tip to last longer in bed is to switch positions.

When you switch the positions, it extends the enjoyment. You can do down on her a bit more for enjoying more in the bed.

So, try to follow these tips for lasting longer in the bed. You can also try erection medicine for satisfying your woman.


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