How to make a sawmill in terraria

A sawmill can be considered to be a machine used to cut (mill) lumber. Basically wood is used as the raw material to craft basic apparatus to produce furniture, etc.

It is to be placed over the solid blocks and is 3 blocks high and 3 blocks wide. Motorized saw is used in modern sawmills to come up with lengthwise logs.

Sawmill types

  • Band
  • Muley
  • Gang
  • Circular
  • Up-down

Terraria: What is it all about?

Terraria is quite similar to the Minecraft. Rather, these 2D sandbox game deals mostly with mining, exploration, survival, combat and crafting. It boasts of having more combat when compared to Minecraft with the PC version having 18 bosses.

There are plenty of things in Terraria including 3,000+ unique items, thus making the game more interesting.

To make progress, you are to get hold of the best tools, armor, weapons and beat all bosses. Also are present lots of building materials which can be used in different ways.

How to make a sawmill in terraria

With a sawmill in Terraria, you can craft and produce tools of your choice. This allows you to play to the optimum. It is easy to gather essential ingredients for tool production purpose.

But making a tool or an ingredient from scratch can pose to be a problem.

Tips to follow

So, how to make a sawmill in terraria?

Creating the essential tools

You are to produce a few tools to create a sawmill. Without using tools like anvil, furnace and work bench, crafting a sawmill becomes a tough task.

How to create an Anvil?

  • 5 lead or iron bars.
  • 15 ore (3 for each bar)
  • Convert them to bars using the furnace. Craft an anvil taking 5 bars to your work bench.

How to create a furnace?

  • 3 torches
  • 4 wood
  • 20 stone blocks

How to create a work bench?

  • Gather 10 wood
  • Open up crafting menu. Select work bench

How to make a sawmill in terraria?

With the tools ready, you start crafting a sawmill at the workbench. For this, you will require 1 chain, 2 lead or iron bars and 10 wood. At the anvil, convert 1 iron bar to chain.

For this, 3 bars will be required. Then at anvil, craft chain and take away all essential ingredients to work bench to create sawmill.

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