How to make electricity in little alchemy

10 useful hints on how to make electricity in little alchemy

You may be interested to know how to make electricity in little alchemy. Following some easy hints will allow you to create electricity in Little Alchemy using different combinations.

Hints to know how to make electricity in little alchemy

  • Metal / Lightning: Both when combined can produce an electric charge, thus deriving electricity.
  • Solar cell / Light: Electricity is generated as light falls on solar cells.
  • Star / Solar Cell: Stars are known to have their own light. Solar cells are designed to generate electricity using this light.
  • Steel / Lightning: Steel being metal acts similarly to metal and lightning. They produce electric charges.
  • Wind turbine / Motion: A generator is attached to the wind turbine to produce electricity. As the wind turbine experiences, some motion, the generator body or the shaft starts to rotate based on its design. This, in turn, changes the magnetic field, resulting in the production of electricity.
  • Sun / Solar cell: The sun being a star provides its own light, which falls on the solar cell to produce electricity.
  • Storm / Science: Advanced science has managed to store energy and then convert different forms. This way, the storm is also used these days to produce electricity. The fact is that science even uses bad weather elements to generate electricity.
  • Wind Turbine / Sandstorm: Wind Turbine is designed in a manner to move its shaft or generator body by the strong wind currents produced by the sandstorm. This results in electricity production.
  • Wind / Wind Turbine: Wind rotates the wind turbine, thereby producing electricity.
  • Wind Turbine / Storm: This concept is quite similar to a sandstorm.

Following the above hints will allow you to know how to make electricity in little alchemy.

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