How to make glass in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is an amazing scientific as well as a fantasy game that anyone can indulge in. it does require you to be innovative and come up with lots of mixes to create interesting things.

But being a first-timer, you are likely to face trouble in creating new things. This guide can help you to know how to make glass in little alchemy the easy way.

Tips on how to make glass in little alchemy

You may not be in a position to create glass in this fantasy game. There is no need to get upset. With some tips given below you can understand the procedure to follow to create glass in this game.

There are walkthrough, combinations, guide and cheats to follow. But you may not be aware of what element is glass to be combined with.

You can use any gadget to create new things with multiple combinations. For this, you are free to use your Apple devices, web-browser, tablets, Android smartphones, Google Chrome, Windows devices, etc.

How to make glass in little alchemy – Know the combinations

Glass in this simple, but quite interesting fantasy game can be created using two combinations. Moreover, glass is found to participate in twenty such combinations to receive other elements.

Glass Combinations used in Little Alchemy

  • Electricity + Sand = Glass
  • Sand + Fire = Glass

How Glass is useful in Little Alchemy?

  • Blade + Glass = Blender
  • Bacteria + Glass = Microscope
  • Electricity + Glass = Light Bulb
  • Christmas Tree + Glass = Snow Globe
  • Glass + Glass = Glasses
  • Fish + Glass = Aquarium
  • Metal + Glass = Mirror + Glasses
  • House + Glass = Window
  • Plant + Glass = Greenhouse
  • Oil + Glass = Oil Lamp
  • Sand + Glass = Hourglass + Time
  • Rainbow + Glass = Prism

This guide can help you to explore your gaming opportunities with glass.

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