How to say my name is in spanish

Spanish is a beautiful language used in many parts of the world. While learning this language, you are to learn the right way to introduce yourself. So how to say my name is in Spanish and what is the correct way?

Standard expression used in Spanish to say name

Three common expressions are used in Spanish to say one’s name, based on speaker’s personal preferences.

  • ‘Mi nombre es’: It stands for ‘My name is’. Although considered to be a standard expression, to is not used much frequently. It is somewhat more formal than the other two options. You are to conjugate ‘ser’ verb properly to use this expression correctly. Also ensure proper possessive adjective is used.
  • ‘Soy’: It represents ‘I am’ in Spanish. It is more casual and used to identify or introduce yourself quickly. It conjugates ‘ser’ verb for Yo (first person). Conjugation is to match with the person’s name referred to use correctly this verb.
  • ‘Me llamo’ (llamarse): It stands for ‘My name is’. However, Spanish learners may find this expression a bit confusing. But still, it is casually and popularly used in both informal and formal situations. It is rather the conjugation for Yo (first person singular). It can also be used for other people. ‘llamarse’ verb is used to refer someone’s name. It should be conjugated properly to use correctly this verb. ‘llamarse’ is considered to be a pronominal verb. Unlike ‘normal’ verbs, this one has to function with pronouns to retain its meanings.

How to say my name is in spanish?

You have now got the grasp to pronounce your name in Spanish including that of someone else. Next you need to learn the expression to say ‘what is your name?’

Como te llamas?

It is a common and standard way to ask names and used in both informal and formal setting. But if you want to address someone elderly, then you should use ‘como se llama’.

However, for ‘what’s your name?’, the direct transaction in Spanish is ‘cual es tu nombre’. It is used mostly in formal situations.


Getting to know how to say correctly your name in the Spanish language will help you to strike conversations with others. So we can conclude that ‘me llamo’ is popularly used by native Spanish speakers.

It should be conjugated with ‘llamarse’ verb. Soy is used casually to introduce yourself. However, ‘mi nombre’ is not popularly used.

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