How to void a check in quickbooks

Useful tips on how to void a check in quickbooks online

It could be that you have written a wrong amount in the check or sent the same to another vendor by mistake. There are chances of mixing things up, which at times becomes a headache.

You may have written a check before checking your account balance. This means, your check is likely to get bounced due to lack of funds.

It will also mean you will end up paying penalties to the bank and develop trust issues with your vendor.

This can be a sticky situation that can be avoided. How to void a check in quickbooks? You can void payment effortlessly in QuickBooks Online, thus avoiding all types of unwanted financial surprises.

What happens if you void a check?


Voided check means cancelling the original transaction. Although, check record stays in QuickBooks Online account, check’s dollar amount becomes zero. Check date, payee, memo field and number remains in your record to be used for later reference purposes.

How to void a check in quickbooks?

Following the given-below steps can help void a check which was not included in the latest bank reconciliation or cashed.

  • Go to the left part of the menu and click ‘Accounting’.
  • Choose ‘Chart of Accounts’ at the top.
  • Select bank account from where there was issued the original check. Choose ‘View Register’.
  • Identify the check to void. Click to highlight the same and ‘Edit’.
  • Click ‘More’ present at center-bottom part and select ‘Void’. Confirm your decision.

This way, your check gets voided and you do not have to face any type of hassle from anyone. Voiding check in online QuickBooks is easy and simple.

It just requires a couple of clicks and some knowledge of what needs to be done. Voiding your check will allow you to carry your transactions smoothly and maintain healthy relationship with your vendors.

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