Secret Notes Collection of the Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is an excellent game, which releasedon Windows in February 2016. The Starfew Valley has experienced the emergence of multiple ports as well as many other updates in the game.

There are many players in the game that support and control the customer characters. The customized character leads and guides the activities undertaking in the farm of his grandfather’s farm. There are many exciting features of the game, which make it the best game available online.

Interesting Gameplay of the Stardew Valleys

There are many points in the game wherein you can create your own path. By expanding livestock and the farm, the player can improve your skills as well as find friendship and love.

There are also many other activities that you can enjoy in the game such as exploration of caves and fishing to the renovation and decoration of the house. The stardew Valley offers a chance to players to live a peaceful and farm lifestyle.

Before you customize Stardew’s gameplay, you should consider the editing policy of the game. So, make most of the game that you play in Stardew’s valley.

Secret Notes Collection of the Stardew Valley

“I hid something behind the community center.”

Solution of the Secret Note

It is the secret note of the Stardew Valley. There are multiple other secret notes in the game that you will explore soonest. To solve the above riddle, you should go to the community center.

There is a stone Junimo statue, which can be obtained or picked up by the Pickaxe. You should notice there that you will not be able to avail of it if you have purchased the Joja membership.

This secret note will only help you in completing the secret notes collection in the game.

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