Step by step guide on how to make a scatter plot in google sheets

There are many forms in which the data can be represented visually for a better understanding of people and to easily derive a conclusion from the large set of data.

Bar graphs, Histograms, Pie charts, Scatter plots, and box plots are some of the examples of visual representation of data.

A scatter plot just like other tools is used for data representation. Here the data is represented as the dots and the density of the dots represents the data accumulation in the area.

As a professional one must know How to make a scatter plot in google sheets. And it is a really easy process in terms of tasks to be performed and steps to be followed.

So here the steps to be followed to learn how to make a scatter plot in google sheets:

  1. Data Entry: Make sure that there is sufficient data entered in your google sheet. If there is no data then the data should be entered manually or a file containing data must be uploaded and worked.
  2. Select your data and then click on the insert option available in the top menu.
  3. Chart icon must be clicked from the drop-down menu pulled. An auto-generated scatter plot will be displayed between two axes taken as the x-axis and y-axis.
  4. The scatter plot can be changed as per our requirement. These changes can be done from the chart editor window ideally presented at the right side of the windows screen.
  5. The chart editor has below two options on which the changes can be done:

Setup tab: it is useful for setting the data range and type of chart, axes name, and labels.

Customize tab: It is useful for changing the appearance of the chart. the color of the scatter plot, the layout, font style. It is useful to deal with the appearance of the scatter plot.

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