What Do Baby Roaches Look Like


To keep our home and especially our kitchen, we do a lot of stuff. Vacuum cleaning, mop cleaning, pest control, and so many troublesome jobs to stay safe.

But a sudden sight of a small bug can bring a flood of tension in our minds. That little bug can be a cockroach.

But to identify and exterminate the bug, you need to know what do baby roaches look like.

Different Cockroaches in Your House

Different Cockroaches in Your House

There are more than 30 species of cockroaches around the world. Most of the time, you will find American or German cockroaches in your kitchen or bathroom.

Also, there are some other species. They kind of look similar but have some differences to identify quickly.

The typical body structure of baby roaches in all species

  • A pair of long and thin antennae.
  • The Head is pointing to the ground and the mouth underneath.
  • Six legs with little spikes that help walking on the walls.
  • Two appendix-shaped tails are known as cerci.
  • A pumpkin seed-sized body made of a hard shell without wings.

These are the typical characteristics of any baby roaches anywhere in the world.

However, when a new baby is born, it is white. The black or brown tone comes when the baby starts to gain a hard exoskeleton.

Different species of  Baby Roaches

American Cockroach: It has an oblong-shaped body. The body is divided into three parts.

Like the adult roaches, it has small cerci at the end and two long antennae. But it lacks wings.

German Cockroach: German cockroach nymphs are the second most common household pest in America.

German nymphs have an ovalish body. Before it gets the original brown shell, it gets very dark.

It has one hard shell body, but you can identify the head separately.

Brown Banded Cockroach: These are one of the types you may see around.

Even the adult roaches are quite small compare to other species, and nymphs are smaller.

You can recognize it by the two yellowish-brown stripes on its abdomen.

Oriental Roach: These are most common in Asia. Medium size and the nymph have smaller antennae and hard and flat, shiny body. They get a reddish color in adulthood.

Cockroach Eggs

Female cockroaches lay eggs that are called an ootheca. These can carry up to 50 baby roaches depending on the species.

But the German female roach holds the eggs into its body till the egg reaches the hatching situation.

Baby roach or nymphs are white when born. But Albino cockroach stays white for a long time after birth. And you can easily identify it by the color.

After hatching from the eggs, if you have the luck to watch baby cockroaches, you will see these are tiny.

They can be from ⅛” to ¼” inches in length.

Prevent Cockroach Growth in House

Pest control is the best method to get rid of roaches. However, you won’t be able to do it now and then. But taking some simple actions can prevent mass growth.

  • Keeping rooms moisture-free.
  • Filling in cracks in walls.
  • Checking furniture and refrigerator regularly.
  • Setting up traps for insects.


It is important to know what you are dealing with if you want to prepare better.

Knowing what do baby roaches look like can help you to take the best preventive action.

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