What does Fruits Mean on Snapchat

Fruit began to emerge in Snaps all over Snapchat just after Christmas in 2016. It appears to be code indicating whether you’re single, taken, and its complex, and so on.

Most Snapchat users were perplexed, except they are the ones that do it, in which case they got the upper edge in this guessing game.

This unique approach to declaring your relationship status differs from the typical approach of just saying the obvious.

Okay, I’ll give it that it’s unusual. However, you may still be unaware of what the various fruits imply in relationship situations.

Every group has some form of covert relationship status; some find it amusing, while others wish to remain anonymous. Another technique to express confidential data with colleagues and acquaintances is to use fruit emojis in a Snapchat story.

If you have just installed Snapchat and want to learn about it, we’ve described everything for you. We’ll look at what does fruit means on Snapchat and what the different fruit emojis indicate about partnerships in the Snapchat environment. Let’s get started.

What Kind of Fruit Are You?

What Kind of Fruit Are You

Okay, if you have been following the Snapchat fruit insurrection, you might plan what the various fruits signify. Otherwise, you might want to continue reading.

Utilizing fruit emoji in a Snapchat account is more than just entering an emoji; each indicates something unique.

According to rumors, this fruit fad confused Snapchat users about their relationship. Well, it appears that more and more Snapchat users are catching on. They’re starting to figure out what each fruit represents and decipher the code.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the many fruit emoji utilized on Snapchat:

  • Blueberry denotes your single status.
  • Pineapple denotes difficulty.
  • Raspberry indicates that you do not want to commit to a single individual.
  • Apple suggests that you’re involved.
  • Cherry means that you are already in a relationship.
  • Banana denotes marital status.
  • Avocado represents that you are the better half of the couple.
  • Strawberry indicates that you are unable to locate the appropriate one.
  • Lemon signifies a desire to be single.
  • Raisin demonstrates that you intend to marry your present companion.

Utilizing fruit emojis on Snapchat to show your relationship status (or lack thereof) is a creative technique to disclose your relationship status.

Nonetheless, if you want to know what’s happening in the Snapchat world, go no further since we’ve got you covered.

Yeah, when you think you’ve got it all sorted out, new Snapchat games with animals emojis appear.


Snapchat is popular among millennials. We can’t dispute that Snapchat has some incredible features, such as customizable short-lived snaps.

So, what does fruit mean on Snapchat? There are several Snapchat secret codes that people are still attempting to figure out, one of which is the utilization of fruit emojis.

Do you ever wonder why people put fruit titles on Snapchat? On the other hand, Fruit emojis are utilized by individuals to communicate their relationships.

Different fruits are connected with various marital situations. If the person has elected to make their relationship status public, the fruits emojis will appear next to their username.

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