What fruits are in season in November?

Let’s know “What fruits are in season in November?” Autumn advances unstoppably and it shows in the daylight hours and temperatures. The leaves begin to fall or grow more slowly. And the energy is concentrated in the roots, which is why they are harvested especially now and are fully incorporated into the fruits of this time.

Faced with these and other changes, our body needs to adapt to maintain its balance. Increasingly, it will ask us for warm and energetic fruits that allow us to face the change of time and the advance of the cold with force.

What fruits are in season in November?

There are many fruits in season in November, including apples, pears, grapes, and oranges.

The landscape in the orchard is already entirely autumnal. Some of the fruits that were the first fruits at the end of summer remain, such as grapes. But usually, there is no trace left of those that ripened in spring and in the middle of the hot season unless they are imported from other countries.

Among the fruits, the range of typically autumnal ones is expanding and the offer is immense. In addition to pomegranate and quince, persimmons are unapologetically sweeter and more irresistible. Also, the custard apple, which, like the persimmon, lasts only a few months, so you should take advantage of it now if you don’t want to miss it.

Other fruits that are still at their best are the kiwi or the avocado. There are also fresh dates, as well as tropical fruits that ripen in our latitudes: papaya, mango, pineapple or the always-available banana.

The kiwi, which luckily stays with us for quite a few months, has other great competitors in terms of its richness in vitamin C. And it is that citrus fruits will become more varied and sweet as the season progresses. The tangerines will be less and less green, and perhaps we will already see the first oranges. You can also enjoy kumquats and good lemons.

In the forest, the mushrooms will be accompanied by chestnuts and strawberry trees. Strawberry trees are sometimes difficult to find in stores, but on a trip to the forest it is a pleasure to pick them up. On some trees, they mature as new flowers open.

What Vegetables are in season in November?

There are some vegetables left, such as aubergines or courgettes.

In the section of seasonal vegetables, the variety is no less overwhelming. Some traditional vegetables typical of both autumn and winter arrive, such as borage or fennel.

These are in addition to big fall stars that arrived with the change of season, like pumpkins and all kinds of roots, bulbs and tubers. In addition to sweet potatoes and numerous varieties of old potatoes, you can enjoy thick leeks, beets, parsnips or fennel.

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Leaf cabbages are at their best, although you will also find broccoli and cauliflower. Other leaves of the season that will give you a lot of play in the autumn kitchen are chard, spinach and celery, and if you want to continue enjoying good salads, you will have the first endives, endives, watercress and lamb’s lettuce.

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