What Fruits can Crested Geckos Eat

What Fruits can Crested Geckos Eat

People like to have pet animals according to their desires. In this way, the management of pet animals is also considered the primary responsibility of the people.

When it comes to talking about the caring of pets, it becomes easy because of the focus on their eating habits. It is observed that the Crested Geckos is also considered to be the loving pet of the people.

In this way, the caring of Crested Geckos is also essential for its lovers. In this article, there is a detailed discussion about the eating of Crested Geckos along with the fruits preferences of Crested Geckos.

Crested geckos:

Firstly, there is a need to introduce Crested Geckos to the target audience. It is the kind of lizard with hard skin and unique colors.

The different color shades of Crested Geckos become the primary reason for its attraction towards the people. This fact needs to be kept in mind that the Crested Geckos are not harmful to the children.

In this way, it is allowed by the wildlife department to get Crested Geckos as a pet. Therefore, the people have to focus on caring for Crested Geckos by focusing on their environment and food needs.

Food for Crested Geckos:

The Crested Geckos are liked to eat insects just like lizards. Meanwhile, the fruits are also considered an essential component of Crested Geckos’ food. In this way, the following are the foods for Crested Geckos:

  • Insects:

Firstly, the insects are liked by Crested Geckos as a food. In this way, the pet lovers make the environment of Crested Geckos according to its needs.

So, it becomes easy for Crested Geckos to eat small insects. Most of the time, Crested Geckos can themselves find their prey, but sometimes there is a need to feed the Crested Geckos with small insects.

The eating of insects is the primary food of Crested Geckos, so the owners have to give insects to Crested Geckos.

  • Fruits:

Crested Geckos also like fresh fruits as a portion of food. In this way, the common fruits can easily eat by Crested Geckos.

Firstly, the mango and apricot are considered the favorite fruits of Crested Geckos. Meanwhile, Crested Geckos will likely eat pear, banana, grapes, fig, strawberry, and watermelon.

It is observed that Crested Geckos prefer seedless fruits. Meanwhile, the Crested Geckos liked to eat soft fruits because it is easy to eat them.

In this way, the pet lovers have to give loving fruits to Crested Geckos beneficial for their growth.


It is concluded that the growth of pet animals is highly dependent on food. In this way, the owners have to make sure about the preferences of pet animals related to food and the environment.

When the owner gives the loving fruits, then it is helpful for the pet animals to live happily.

It is also concluded that Crested Geckos liked to eat seedless and soft fruits, so the owners have to provide the fruits according to pet preferences.

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