What Is The Curse In Fruits Basket?

It’s also possible that the curse began to dissolve when the unloved is loved, i.e., when the hated, outcast Cat was embraced first by Kazuma and by Tohru (the curse-breaking cascade does begin with Kyo hugging Tohru and finishes with Yuki, who also was first in Zodiac and the last to leave it). Here I am going to discuss what the curse in the fruits basket is.

What Is The Curse In Fruits Basket?

On the other hand, Tohru flees in a panic when she sees Kyo since she feels rejected, but Kyo pursues her. Kyo professes his affection for her after meeting up with her. The adoption of the Cat, the deity of the Zodiac’s first buddy, removes the zodiac curse & frees all the Sohmas.

How Does Momiji Break The Curse?

How Does Momiji Break The Curse

Curse is removed before the remainder of the Zodiac, yet despite Akito’s pleadings and threats, he resolves to leave him one day. Momiji soon warms up to Tohru, hugging her since they first meet and cuddling her when they have been properly introduced, despite his curse.

How Does Tohru Break the Zodiac Curse?

  • Let us first investigate the Sohma curse. A solitary man cast the curse. One day, a friendly cat visited him and informed him as he wanted to be at his side. This made men quite happy, and he made additional contacts as a result. The guy eventually had enjoyable feasts with different animals, and he wished to continue doing so for a long time.
  • He then cast a spell that ensured that every meal member would remain friends, even if they were reborn many times. Generations of the Sohma family have been reborn as the 13 animals or the God ever then. Akito is indeed the God in the manga.
  • The spell’s goal was to keep animals around, but God was so strong that a rejection from God might physically and emotionally damage the Zodiacs. With all this, the individual who proved out to be God took advantage of the situation and abused some other relatives.
  • Kureno’s curse is the first one to break. It happened ten years before the narrative began. The Sohma family members are aware that such a curse is weakening. They assume that, like Kureno, her curse will fade with time, but something happened that caused the spell to shatter faster than they thought.
  • Tohru built a deep relationship with the members of the Zodiac. She liked the unlovable, which was Kyo. Another event that ended the curse once when Zodiac members stood up to God or desired independence from God.
  • Akito formed a friendship with Tohru. Tohru won her over with sensitivity and even promised her company. Akito then desired to eliminate the Cat’s Room & release the remaining Zodiac members. She also stated that she did not wish to become a particular Goddess but rather a regular young lady. As a result, the ties deteriorated and eventually snapped.
  • To conclude, Tohru, just by being herself, broke the spell. Tohru formed ties only with Zodiacs with an open heart, and she strengthened these bonds through her care and compassion for her companions.


Here I have explained what the curse in the fruits basket is. Fans of the romantic drama series Fruits Basket may be aware that the concept of the series would be that an orphan girl called Tohru Honda discovers that perhaps the Sohma family is cursed and is inhabited by the 13 animals of a Chinese zodiac.

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