What Time Of Day Do Chickens Lay Eggs

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What time of day do chickens lay eggs?

When a flock of chickens receives light from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., most of the eggs are laying between 8 a.m.

And 3 p.m., with a maximum frequency of laying around 11 a.m. This period can be delayed, but not lengthened, by modifying the switch-off time
of the light.

In normal lighting programs, the onset of the dark period plays the main role as a synchronizer of the oviposition of the hens that make up a batch.

When the period of illumination, keeping the power-on time fixed, the time delay suffered by the oviposition is the same as the one that undergoes the moment of the shutdown.

Recent work on the behavior of the hens in the nest, such as the moment exact oviposition or nesting time, indicates a direct impact on aspects economically relevant.

Hens that stay longer in the nest require more capacity of the same and, therefore, greater investment by the poultry farmer.

This is similar in flocks in which most birds have a need to lay their eggs in a short space of time throughout the day.

For these two behavioral aspects, the published data have shown differences between lines.

While the semi-heavy layers show a greater hourly width regarding the time of oviposition, light hens lay their eggs in a period of three hours during the morning.

The chicken cycle or what is an egg?

Why do chickens lay eggs every day? These females are born with about 4,000 follicles or future eggs in their left ovaries.

From four to six months, they begin their ovulatory cycle; the hormonal cycles of chickens last 10 weeks.

In each period, up to 10 eggs mature. The reason chickens lay eggs every 24 to 26 hours is because the cycles overlap.

This constant and complex internal process has a life of two years; it is what is considered the time or ‘useful life’ of the laying hens.

How are the eggs created inside the hen?

What Time Of Day Do Chickens Lay Eggs

The presence of light generates in the hen the secretion of the hormones that produce the release of the follicle.

In other words, your body is ready to act in the face of solar stimuli. The maturation of the follicle in the egg begins from the yolk.

Each yolk contains the result of 10 days of accumulation of various nutrients: glucose, water, fat, protein.

If the ovule were fertilized, the nutrients in the yolk would serve for the development of the chick; It should be added that the young lives and develop inside the egg for 21 days.

The hue of the yolk will depend on the quality of the hen’s food. Around the yolk, a jelly-like and transparent substance is formed: the white one, which would serve to protect the embryo.

After 25 hours, the yolk is ready to leave the ovary.

The oviduct, about 60 centimeters long, forms three layers of white through the release of proteins; Once in utero, it will take about 14 hours for the shell to compose itself.

This protective shell is made of calcium carbonate and has air pores. Finally, the pores of the shell are coated before going outside to prevent the entry of bacteria.

The pigmentation of the minerals that cover the shell will give the final color to the eggs.


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