When does burger king open

Burger King history

This company was founded in 1954, opening its first restaurant in Miami, where they mainly offered whopper-type hamburgers, which is their main product today as well.

For the year 1958, they launched an advertisement on television. And thanks to fellow a year later it began to expand through franchises, not only nationally, but also internationally.

So you can find restaurants of the brand in Europe. To the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Latin America.

You are here, that’s means you want to know “When does burger king open?”

When does burger king open?

Burger King started selling food from 6 am. in the morning. They open around 6 am and sell breakfast until 10:30 am. You can purchase breakfast at their scheduled time if you wish.

Burger King is a very well-known and popular chain of fast-food restaurants, its origin is American, but it has an international presence. Today, it ranks No. 6 in Forbes magazine’s position in the fast-food business.

Surely you have approved a delicious hamburger from the brand, but if you had any problem that you want to let the customer service department know, you will have different ways to achieve it and those ways are found here.

How much. Is there a minimum Burger King order?

Placing a test order from Burger King at home…

The first thing you should know is that home delivery is free, for orders over 15 euros and is limited to certain time slots from Monday to Friday (when they have the availability of delivery people). Therefore the minimum Burger King order is 15 euros:

  • From 13:30 to 16:00 (depending on the store)
  • From 20:00 to 23:30 (depending on the store).

Outside of these hours, you cannot receive your BK at home, so you will have to stop by a nearby restaurant to order your Whopper.

The fast restoration of hamburgers has put the batteries with home delivery in Spain. Burger King at home was launched in late 2014 (after a test in Cáceres in 2012) and McDelivery the McDonalds home delivery service a few months ago. In this post, we analyze Burger King’s home delivery service that takes you home, at no additional cost (although not at any time as we will see), your burgers and BK menus (Home Delivery Service).

Can I order everything?

Speaking of hamburgers, you can order at home practically everything that a BK restaurant sells you except ice cream and smoothies. Nor do they deliver exclusive offers from restaurants such as “King Ahorro” and “Euro king”.

How long it takes?

If it is within the delivery times, the initial problem that one sees when placing an online order is that the “insured” delivery times are 40 minutes, with which, your food may arrive a little past your house. BK says it like this in its FAQs:

Our average delivery time is approximately 40 minutes or less. Occasionally, we may have a large order in front of us that could delay an extra 5-10 minutes before we can start preparing yours. Our standards ensure that the distribution occurs immediately after preparing each order, we want to deliver the best product, with the best quality and in the shortest time.


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