Who used “I will always love you” as his campaign song

Saddam Hussein used “I will always love you”, a song by Whitney Houston song as his campaign in the year 2002.


As everyone knows, the song “I will always love you” was not exactly Whitney Houston’s song. Originally, it was the song of the brainchild of Dolly Parton.

Houston however, performed the cover for the Bodyguard is well-known. It is considered the best version of the song at that time.

Why Saddam Hussein chose “I will always love you as” as his campaign?

Firstly, it was a genuine selection by Saddam Hussein. The result was absolutely predictable along with just one candidate. There was held an election with the entire pageantry, gala, and grandiose of that election campaign.

The campaign of the election includes many things like baby-kissing, plenty of speeches, and even oddly selected musical pieces. This is what the deposed dictator in the year 2002.

Actually, the election held in 2002 was not a contest, it was a referendum. No other candidate was there running for President. The voters in Iraq were not ready or not to enable Saddam Hussein as a President for seven years?

This was the question in his mind. He was having a bit riding on the referendum for helping his chances to gain an overwhelming vote of confidence.

For getting more votes from the citizens, he decided to use the song made by a well-known uber Whitney Houston.

The song was created so beautifully that Saddam Hussein got overwhelming support from the citizens. As a result, Saddam Hussein became the President for seven years along with 100% voting.

Hence, “I will always love you” won the hearts of the citizens and became popular within less time. This song has proven a milestone for Saddam Hussein’s life.

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