Xenoverse 2 how to get super saiyan

You may be a newcomer to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game and is interested to know xenoverse 2 how to get super saiyan.

Doing so will help you to transform your custom character. In this version, it is not that easy to unlock Super Saiyan transformation easily.

However, with some tips derived from the experts, you can get it done effortlessly. But you cannot get higher with the custom character as it is not currently permitted.

Xenoverse 2 how to get super saiyan: The secrets

You are to become a Saiyan race member to unlock the secrets to Super Saiyan transformation. Unfortunately, other races are not permitted to become Super Saiyan.

In this game, other races do have some advantages. Being a custom character, you are to first complete the second training mission of Vegeta. This cannot be accessed until the 40th level.

Go to Capsule Corpn. time rift to speak with Vegeta. You are to face him in a duel and defeat twice to enter the correct mission.

On getting success, you will get instructions from Vegeta to discuss with Bulma and Trunks (kid version). After speaking to both, return to Vegeta. You can now unlock Saiyan Awakening, the next mission.

You are expected to defeat SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta to complete the level Saiyan Awakening. By this time, you gain sufficient knowledge to fight.

However, you will require to take along a few healing items. On successful completion of the mission, you can unlock custom character transformation.

Xenoverse 2 how to get super Saiyan as well as super Saiyan 3?

Unlocking Super Saiyan 2 and 3 is quite easy when compared to the initial transformation. Not much is there to unlock, since it is based entirely on the Ki level.

Once you get 3 bars, you can reach initial transformation. You will usage access to Super Saiyan 2 at 4 bars and transform to Super Saiyan 3 at 5 bars.

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