How long is spaghetti good for in the fridge

A good number of people of all ages do love to have spaghetti. Besides being simple to cook, it is also delicious. Since you lead a busy life, you may want to store it for the next day.

But the question asked commonly is how long is spaghetti good for in the fridge? It is a good idea to freeze it?

Storage life

At room temperature, spaghetti is likely to get spoilt if left unattended. 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures help promote bacterial growth.

If spaghetti is left at this temperature range for over 2 hours, then it is likely to go rancid. It can be kept in the fridge to increase its shelf life.

how long is spaghetti good for in the fridge? It is possible to extend shelf life of Spaghetti by approximately 3-5 days! You can have it fresh and tasty like it was prepared just now.

Where to store it safely?

The freezer is perhaps the best place to store spaghetti. By freezing cooked spaghetti, it becomes safe for consumption for about 2 months.

Although its quality will not be that good like that of freshly cooked spaghetti, still, it does make another excellent dish.

What is the correct way to store Spaghetti?

What is the correct way to store Spaghetti

Storing cooked spaghetti in the fridge can be a real challenge, since it sticks together if exposed to low temp. The best solution for this is to put some vegetable oil when the spaghetti is still warm. Olive oil can be used as it is flavorful and healthy.

Divide leftover spaghetti into small packages to cool quickly. Once done, place it in the food storage container and shake it lightly.

This way, it will not stick together as oil will coat it lightly, thus making it non-sticky. Before keeping it in fridge, use vacuum sealer to squeeze out air.

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