How Many Graduate Schools Should I Apply To

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How many graduate schools should i apply to

You should apply to five-six graduate schools per round. Be careful never to apply to more than 5-6 graduate schools at a time. Because you can’t manage it in a short time.

Here are a few question’s answers about another related program:

The way to the doctorate

Career goal doctorate. A doctor in front of the name is doing well. No question! A doctorate also needs to be carefully considered.

Anyone seriously considering the step of doing a doctorate will face a challenge of several years. The road to a doctorate is not always rosy.

What does Ph.D. mean?

A doctorate means that university studies are systematically continued in the direction of research after the first degree.

More specifically, it’s about an independent contribution to research – as part of a doctoral thesis/dissertation – to deliver.

The dissertation must be prepared independently and contain new scientific findings.

The doctorate is awarded after the successful completion of the doctorate and the publication of the doctoral thesis. (In Germany, dissertations are required to be published)

Who can do a Ph.D.?

Those who have a sufficiently good average grade in their first degree (usually at least 2.5 or better) can find a doctoral supervisor to supervise them or to get a place in a doctoral program.

A dissertation can be prepared as an individually supervised project or by participating in a structured doctoral program.

Which variant is better and what suits me?

There is no better or worse. Doing your own doctorate or a structured program – both have advantages and disadvantages. The decision for a model is a matter of taste.

Individual doctorate

Doing your own doctorate or doing an individual doctorate is the “classic” variant of doing a doctoral thesis.

As a doctoral student, you are relatively independent in this way.

Supervision is provided by a self-chosen lecturer with whom the topic has been coordinated in advance.

The application proceeds as follows:

  • Contact the doctoral supervisor
  • If they give their approval, the examination office gives them the right to do a doctorate
  • With the authorization to do a doctorate, you can enroll at the student office for doctoral studies

For the doctoral student, a time begins that he mostly spends alone at desks to familiarize himself with a topic that only he knows in detail about. A high degree of independence and intrinsic motivation is therefore required for an individual doctorate. Free time management is a privilege that also has its pitfalls. In any case, the connection to the outside world is more likely to be guaranteed in a structured program.


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