How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown In Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is just a dish that may be made in various ways; there is no one technique to make it. There is, however, one unbreakable rule: no brown bananas inside the pudding. Browned bananas would contaminate the cream, yellowish-white, fluffy custard, making it appear less delicious.

This is why you should know How to keep bananas from turning brown in the banana pudding; following these instructions will ensure that your banana pudding looks as delicious as it tastes.

How to keep bananas from turning brown in the banana pudding

When a banana turns dark brown, it doesn’t indicate that it is hazardous to consume. The brown coloring is caused by an enzyme reaction when the banana is exposed to oxygen.

When sliced bananas come into contact with oxygen melan, a natural pigment is formed, giving the bananas a brown tint. The bananas will get browner the longer they are released in the air. Here are some steps you may take to stop this from happening.

Coat the bananas:

While slicing the bananas, thoroughly cover them with the custard. The cream will create a barrier between both the bananas and the air, slowing enzyme activity.

If you’re creating layered banana pudding, put the bananas on top of both the wafers before topping with a layer of pudding. Repeat with the next layer, making sure that every layer is well coated with pudding and that no bananas are visible.

Do Not Refrigerate:

Another strategy to keep your banana from browning is to make the dessert as soon as possible and devour it as soon as it is ready. Preparing the pudding ahead of time will cause it to be refrigerated, and the chilly temperature will hasten the browning of the banana.

If you must keep the pudding refrigerated at all costs, pour some spoons of lime juice over sliced bananas before adding them to a pudding; this will assist in avoiding browning.

Do Not Use Unripe Bananas:

If you want to extend the browning of your banana bread, don’t use unripe bananas. The bananas that you use must be ripe and not overripe.

Ripe bananas should have brown splodges on their skin and be tender but not mushy. If you have somewhat ripe bananas that are not yet prepared to create the pudding, store them in an airtight jar with some lemon juice & freeze until you become ready to use them.

Using Fruit Juice

Using Fruit Juice

There are other fruits whose juice may be used to keep your bananas prevent browning; however, lemon juice will be the most usually used. It is suitable for both apples & bananas. However, there are alternative juices you may use, such as:

  • Apple Juices
  • Orange Juice
  • Lime Juices
  • Tinned Pineapple Juices
  • Fresh Grapefruit Juices


No one likes to eat a pudding that has discolored and “ugly” bananas; you must understand How to keep bananas from turning brown in the banana pudding before creating the pudding.

You may use lemon juice or any other acceptable fruit juice; you need your pudding always to seem appealing and attractive.

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