How to make a car in minecraft

If you are new to Minecraft, then you may want to know how to make a car in minecraft. Although the vehicle’s direction cannot be changed, it is very much possible to create one that moves on its own, but forward only. You can create a car in all Minecraft versions.

Steps to follow to know how to make a car in minecraft

  • Start new game in ‘Creative’ Mode. Creating a car in ‘Survival’ mode can be tough.
  • Open Creative menu.
    • Console edition: Press Square (PS) or X (Xbox)
    • Pocket Edition: Tap…
    • Computer: Press ‘E’ key
  • Place vehicle building materials in inventory. Move items to equip bar like:
    • Redstone block
    • Sticky piston
    • Piston
    • Slime blocks
  • Identify flat space. Template version moves forward until it gets obstructed by something.
  • Create two parallel of slime of 3-block long rows.
  • Connect two rows. Keep two slime blocks at center blocks in-between rows of slime.
  • Develop car’s body. Include slime blocks layer on staging area top part. Eliminate 8 slime blocks serving in staging area.
  • Keep piston behind one ear end facing rear-center block.
  • Eliminate middle blocks and face car front. Keep two sticky pistons.
  • Replace sticky piston close to car front using regular piston facing car front.
  • With front-facing piston, replace front sticky piston. You derive the following design:
    • Front-facing piston
    • Parallel slime row
    • Front-facing regular piston
    • Slime row
    • Rear-facing sticky piston
  • Place first redstone block.
  • Keep rear redstone blocks, with one on rear-middle slime block while the other before it on sticky piston top.
  • ‘Sit’ on the vehicle.
  • Break redstone block of sticky piston. Car will start to move forward. Place another redstone block over sticky piston top or place block before car.

Following the above steps will help you to know how to make a car in minecraft.

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