How to make wheat in little alchemy

What is little alchemy?

For those who don’t know what is little alchemy, little alchemy is an online game published by Recloak. The game is available on Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple iOS platforms.

The game is quite simple but an addictive one. There are four basic elements “earth”, “air”, “fire” and “water”. Combining these four basic elements we can make other elements.

Some combinations must be followed so that the desired element is produced using the four basic elements of little alchemy.

For a new player it would be a bit challenging at first to easily follow the game but with time and practice it becomes easier to understand and play. So here is the guide on how to make wheat in little alchemy.

There are some very basic steps followed that involve the basic combinations of elements to make wheat.

So here is how to make wheat in little alchemy:

  1. The first step would be to make farmer elements.

First, combine earth and water to get mud

Combine air and water to get rain

Combine rain and earth to get the plant

Then combine plant and mud to get swamp

Now combine fire and air to get energy

Combine swamp and energy to get life

Combine earth and life to get human

And now combine plant and human to get a farmer.

  1. The next step is to make a field element.

Combine the earth and tool elements first.

Then combine earth and farmer to get a field.

  1. Combine the field element with the farmer element.

Combine plant element with the farmer element.

Following these two very simple steps you can make wheat in little alchemy.The wheat can then be combined with various other elements to make other elements.

Hopefully, it is now clear about how to make wheat in little alchemy.

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