How to remove a cast iron tub

Cast iron tubs are more durable and can be used longer than other bathtubs made from other materials such as steel.

The reason for this is the enamel coating of the cast iron tub is thicker in comparison to other steel tubs. But they might be needed to replace or removed. So here is the process of how to remove a cast iron tub.

The method of removal of cast iron tub can be either of the following:

  1. Remove the cast-iron tub into a single piece.
  2. Remove the cast-iron tube by breaking it into pieces.

In either of the methods mentioned the first task comes first and it is plumbing preparation before tub removal.

Plumbing preparation before tub removal

It is necessary to detach all the pipes that are attached to the tub before removing the cast iron bathtub. It would entail disconnection of the drain waste and overflow pipes from the tub itself. At times these pipes are the only things that keep the tub in place.

While disconnecting the drain waste pipe and overflow pipes from the tub make sure to turn off the water supply as a safety precaution, just in case if there was an accidental break in the pipe.

Still, you would be wondering how to remove a cast iron tub?

  1. Remove the tub in a single piece:

In this, it would require detaching the tub from the wall using any device if it is attached that way. The process may also involve removing a tile and other obstacles holding the tub.

Breaking of the wall might be required to remove the tub in a single piece.

2.Remove the tub by breaking it into pieces:

Cover the tub drain to avoid debris falling into it. Using a 10 lbs sledgehammer hit the cast iron tub. It would break the outer coating of the tub.

The corner of the tub needs a stronger hit. There might be some cases where damage to the wall might be required.

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