How to tell if coconut milk is bad

Coconut milk is known for its numerous health benefits and is a versatile ingredient for baking and cooking. It is an alternative to dairy milk which adds sweetness and creaminess to any dish.

Have you ever noticed how to tell if coconut milk is bad? According to different people’s perspective it can’t be stored like cow’s milk.

Coconut milk is beneficial for our health. It can help to lower the levels of cholesterol, control blood pressure, and decreases the chances of heart stroke.

If you store coconut milk unopened in your pantry, it can stay for a long time. Although its dairy counterparts are decomposable. The smell and taste of spoiled milk are just like other milk but it doesn’t cause food poisoning.

Can Coconut Milk go bad?

Many factors depend on coconut milk going bad. The common factors are packaging, its consistency, or whether it is stored at room temperature, fridge, or freezer. One major factor is whether the container is opened or sealed.

If you can’t open the coconut milk, you are able to store it and the reason behind this is aseptic packaging. The opened thin coconut milk will stay up to seven days and the thicker coconut milk will stay seven to ten days.

If you store the milk properly or prevent it from spoiling, it can stay more than a month after the expiration date. Remember to check the freshness of coconut milk before use.

How do you know your Coconut Milk is spoilt?

Several indications confirm the condition if coconut milk goes bad. The prominent symptoms are:
Some sort of mold film starts to appear on the surface of coconut milk
When you will see the chunks of coconut on the surface, it is clear indication that milk is spoilt. However, you don’t have to mix it with the separation of fat solids in the thick milk.
Darkening in color and curdling of milk is also a clear sign and you have to discard it immediately.

Ways to store the coconut milk

It is a good idea to store an unopened coconut milk in the in dark, cool and dry places. It should also keep in mind that this place is free from heat and humidity.

Freezing sealed coconut milk is unable to prolong its shelf life. If you buy it from the refrigeration section of the supermarket, it should be placed in the refrigerator.

If you want to store an open can of coconut milk, place it in an airtight container before putting it in the refrigerator. Freezing milk can enhance its life for six months. If you want to use it, place it out of the freezer over the night.


Before using coconut milk, be sure to check the smell or any prominent signs of spoilage. If you observe the above signs, discard them immediately. Now we understand the physical changes or signs to know how to tell if coconut milk is bad. We should not risk our health by using contaminated milk.

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