What are the Fruits on Snapchat

Snapchat is considered to be the advanced platform of social media. The people have easy access to make contact with different people individually.

Meanwhile, the people also can share the current status with the help of stories. It is observed that people like to use code words to share the current status.

In this context, the fruit emoji is also used as a code for sharing a particular situation. The people use several fruits to highlight the current status of relationships with others. In this report, there is a detailed discussion about the codes of several fruits used by the people on Snapchat.

Fruits on Snapchat

Fruits on Snapchat

The fundamental purpose of fruits on Snapchat is coding the particular situation. In this context, the following are the fruits along with the specific codes:

  • Blueberry:

Blueberry is the most USA blefruiton Snapchat. It is observed that the ratio of single people is more than others. In this way, the blueberry is used to represent single people.

  • Pineapple:

The people faced several complicated situations in their lives. It is difficult to highlight the complicated situation by descriptive writing. So, the pineapple emoji is beneficial to highlight the complicated situation.

  • Raspberry:

When people have settled life, they focus on committing with others. The direct proposal looks awkward, and some people feel shy. In this way, the use of raspberry is helpful to reveal what the people wanted to commit.

  • Apple:

The use of the apple emoji represents the people’s engagement. In this context, people only focus on making friendships with others rather than engagement.

  • Cherry:

The people wanted to make friends with others. For this purpose, people have to use cherry emoji in their demographics. The cherry sign reveals that the people are already in relation, easily getting rid of new proposals.

  • Banana:

The banana is considered the coolest sign on Snapchat, even associated with respect factors. The banana is the sign of marriage, due to which the people give respect to the users with banana emoji.

  • Strawberry:

Sometimes, the people don’t have good experience related to the relations. In this context, they are using strawberry emoji. The strawberry emoji highlights that people don’t get the right person in their lives.

  • Lemon

Sometimes, the people have done with their relations due to which they want to become single. For this purpose, the lemon emoji is used for the desire to become a single. In this context, the use of lemon is not considered to be a good fruit emoji.

  • Raisin:

When the people wanted to marry their current partner, they used the raisin emoji. Therefore, the raisin fruit emoji is a sign of good relations with others.


It is concluded that people can easily share the current situation with the help of using fruit emoji. In this context, the people have to grip the codes of fruits. In this era, the craze of Snapchat is increasing.

Therefore, the new users must have information about the fruits on Snapchat. It is the only way to use Snapchat efficiently.

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