Can I use Coconut Flour Instead of Almond Flour

When you will talk about Paleo and grain-free baking, coconut and almond flours are mainly used in it. Both these flours are producing tender and soft goods of baking.

When you are going to use these two flours in these items, it leads to the exclusive delicious taste. The reason behind this is that both are great substitutes for white flour and wheat. 

Now the question comes can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour? The answer is yes! In some of the recipes, you can replace coconut flour with almond flour. But you have to be very careful about their properties while making substitutions. 


Steps to follow before replacing coconut and almond flour


To consider the property of each of the flour is the primary thing. coconut flour sucks up a lot of moisture as it is absorbent. When you are going to replace both flours, you have to adjust the number of eggs and liquid.

You can make it clear with a simple example.

You have to substitute ¼ cup of coconut flour with one cup of almond flour. Moreover, you also have to double the amount of liquid in the original recipe. But it will be good if you first follow the exact recipe before making any changes in the amount of liquid. 


If you are looking for another substitute that does not require a large number of eggs, you can go for starch. The arrowroot or tapioca can also be used as a replacement for eggs with coconut flours.

When starch will use with coconut flour; it will give baked goods elasticity and condense structure. For instance, you are going to cook paleo baked goods, a combination of half coconut flour, half starch, and a few eggs are perfect enough. 


Does coconut flour and almond flour have the same taste?


Both almond and coconut flours are ideal for cookies, bread, pancakes, and muffins. All these items are delicious and healthy enough to try at home. However, coconut flour is considered to be the winner of all the flours in terms of taste.

The coconut flour will satisfy all of your cravings. So, it is more suitable for these sorts of recipes.

The health benefits of both the flours are the same and both are keto flours. They will give you perfect weight loss results and enhance your health. So, you have to incorporate these flours in your diet especially when you are looking for weight loss and inch loss. 




In a nutshell, you can replace coconut flour with almond flour. So, stop asking yourself can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour? Trust yourself and experiment with innovative ideas in terms of recipes. First, make a recipe with coconut flour by fulfilling all the existing steps.

Next time, try the same recipe with almond flour and a combination of starch and eggs. Almond flour may seem difficult to work for the first time. However, you will get perfect results the next time.

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