How long can a cat go without pooping

Many people all around the world like to have cats as a pet. They are a great one to keep. But with pets, comes many challenges. From taking care of their food to their health.

One of the common health issues Cats face, is getting constipated. So as an owner you must be wondering ‘ how long can a cat go without pooping?

How often can go to poop? ‘ We have some guides which you could consider to figure that out.

How long can a cat go without pooping?

A healthy cat generally goes to poop once a day. But the answer to the question of how long can a cat go without pooping is 48 hours. If your cat has not gone to poop after 48 hours, this should raise an alarm for you.

Monitoring signs like vomiting, straining, lack of appetite, or looks tired and too weak can give away either it’s constipation.

If your cat has gone more than 48 hours without pooping, there are various medications and supplements like Lactone available which you could get from your VET.

Along with the Lactose supplements, some fiber supplements can also be provided after discussing with your VET.

On average, kittens usually poop multiple times a day. Felines prefer to do in a litter box. A cat might have some digestive issues or any other issues apart from constipation.

Various factors are affecting the time your cat extracts waste: 

The age of your cat

The movement or exercise they do regularly

How much they eat daily and what is the feeding schedule of your cat

Any medical issue that is not detected by you yet

If there are any medication or supplements that your cat is already taking, it could affect its digestive system


All these above-mentioned factors could be a reason for your cat not extracting waste regularly. If the period is more than 48 hours, you should consider going to VET.

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